Physical activity to improve wellbeing and promote healthy ageing among older adults:
Randomized controlled Trial



The study will be conducted in Urban Health centre of R.D.Gardi Medical College, Unit of Ujjain Charitable Trust Hospital and Research Centre located in Ujjain city. The centre has sufficient space and resources available to carry out this study. In India, given the absence of population registry, number of methods will be used to recruit the study participants

1) Advertisement will be given in local newspapers.

2) Local pensioner clubs and old age group will be contacted

3) District administration and local municipality will also be contacted to get the list of elderly residing in the study area.

Those interested in participating will be requested to visit the designated health centre to attend a face-to- face screening interview to determine eligibility, administer consent and be randomized for the study. Randomization will be centralized and in permuted blocks. We anticipate that about 1 in 4 people initially selected from the registers will be interested and eligible to participate.